Luxury apartment blocks on steep mountain inclines, with pools in front

Luxury Self-Catering Apartment Rentals in Kalkan Turkey

Apartment rental options in Kalkan are wide and varied, from new luxury gated communities to traditional whitewashed apartments in the Old Town. Location and size should be selected based on party and type of holiday required.  Most apartments will offer a balcony or large sun terrace.  In shared blocks or resort buildings (of which there are few, and they are small) larger shared pools are the norm.  Many apartments are either situated within the old town or town centre, or further out within small discreet blocks with shared private pools.  Based on the kind of holiday you want, look for apartments in the  near the town centre for access to shops, bars and restaurants.  For more privacy, maybe go further out.  Kalkan isn't large so, no matter your location, you are never likely to be more than a short taxi ride from activity.