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Why list with Kalkan Private Rentals?

We're Kalkan's number 1 private owner rental website.

We're totally focussed on getting you enquiries that lead to bookings. No commission, No fees to customers. No catches.

We're part of Kalkan Secrets, a young and ambitious company looking to implement innovative rental solutions with your (the customer's) input -  we will be constantly developing and improving our property rental offering based on feedback and market trends.

Listing is easy. We do most of the work!  We offer a property listing creation service... you give us  broad details (use the form below) and we'll build the listing for you. You can then log in and make the final adjustments to suit your preferences.

Full advanced availability calendar functionality. Link your calendar with other major sites like HomeAway, VRBO, TripAdvisor, Flipkey, AirBnB or Kalkan Secrets and have it automatically sync-ed every night. No need to manage multiple calendars.


Listings are offered at the following rates:

110 per calendar year - up to 3 bedrooms

130 per calendar year - 4 bedrooms or more

There is a one-off submission fee of 10, which secures a 30-day trial period. The annual subscription becomes payable at the end of the 30 day trial period, unless cancelled by you. 

How do i sign up?

Just fill in this simple form to get started: 

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